Band Bio

Rockin central jersey for over 18 years, Seven Stone has blended classic party time rock n roll, with roots based jam rock, and a little cool RnB on the side!  The band members are all veterens of the NJ club circut and love playing for audiences big and small!  A tight rhythm section, 2 lead guitars and a bluesy vocal style that will bring you back to your favorite places and time, a time when music was real, organic and live!  Come on out and make sure to catch Seven Stone playing in your area soon!



Meet The Band
                                                              Peter Alvarez
                                                              Vocals, Guitars
                                                              Birthday:  November 6
                                                              Musical Influences: Clapton, Allman Bros, The Outlaws 
                                                              Previous Bands: The Liberty Band, Longshot
                                                              Favorite Gear: PRS SE and Sterling Cutlass guitars, Fender Deluxe Reverb TM 




                                                        Lenny Konick
                                                        Guitar, Vocals

                                                        Birthday: January 23
                                                        Musical Influences: Steely Dan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Outlaws, Steve Morse
                                                        Previous Bands: White Water, One Size Fits All
                                                        Favorite Gear:  Univox Eagle Strats, Epi 339 n Les Paul, Boss n Tech 21 Amp





                                                       Jerry Konick
                                                       Bass Guitar, Vocals

                                                        Birthday: November 13
                                                        Musical Influences:The Outlaws, Led Zepplin, Marshall Tucker
                                                        Previous Bands: Whitewater, Travelin Jones, Tandem,
                                                        Favorite Gear: 2001 Fender Precision Bass with SWR Amplification,  







                                                                 Corky Gambetta 
                                                                 Drums/Percussion, Vocals
Birthday:   August 20
                                                                 Musical Influences:   Beatles, Led Zep, The Doors
                                                                 Previous Bands:  Konvix, Rands Children, Sun Dog
                                                                 Favorite Gear:  Pacific DW drums,  Zildjian Sabinan symbols





In Memoriam

Jimmy Pallitto.  Jimmy was a great talent with an incredible soulful voice.  His fantastic smile and amazing positive attitude made each performance a wonderful experience for everyone involved.  His lead vocals, acoustic guitar work and great harmonies were a major asset to the band! Thank you Jimmy, we love you and we will miss you forever!    
Dan Osborne.  Dano was a talented musician with a thirst, love and passion for music that was simply amazing!  Vocals, guitar, percussion, and harmonica, Dano was the perfect utility player, can fill any spot and do it with a great attitude!  Always lifting others to greater heights, Dano is an inspiration to us all to peruse your dreams no matter what the obstacle!  Thanks Dano, we love you and will miss you forever!
Greg Bullaro.  Greg was a very talented, hard working and ambitious guitarist sharing his 6-string riffing with Seven Stone for over 12 years!  His rapid fire picking technique was always a highlight of any Seven Stone show!  Thanks Greg, we love you and will miss you forever!


"A Soldier's Shoes"
Jimmy Pallitto, Vocals
(MP3 Download)